Day 1

So I have been inspired to start blogging. At this stage, I have no idea where this will go. I guess I just want to post bits and pieces of my life and some of what inspires me.

At the moment, I am happily anticipating the arrival of my oldest friend, Kasia. She will be staying with us for a week, after which we will all travel by car to Sydney from Melbourne. I'm not sure that I thought this one through properly.

Me: pregnant, Annie: 3, and a 12 hour car trip in a 1.5 Toyota Yaris.

We will be spending Polish Christmas with Kasia's family. This will bring some comfort to my very lonely heart. All the family is in South Africa and we are spending our first Christmas away from them.

What I did realise the other day was that one day, Annie will be grown up and travelling the world and won't be spending Christmas with us.

So this too shall pass.

And I am grateful for all the wonderful family Christmases in Vanderbijlpark that are no more. And I am grateful that we will spend this one together, because you never know what the next one will bring.

So here goes to my blogging adventure.

Who knows where it will go.

But I am enjoying it now.


  1. Cool blog. post some pictures of the trip to Sydney. 12 hours is longish.. Are you driving through the night or breaking the journey in half or taking the train and putting the Yaris right at the back of the train? :) Arshad

  2. Very nice first blog.

    More reckless abandon I say...

  3. A nice read Olga. Really enjoyed your blog.
    I missed the pregnant part on FB - congratulations and all the best!

    Wesolych Swiat oraz Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!

  4. Hey the Blog is looking awesome good job Olga


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