I love

I love fairy lights
I love my little princess
I love that I already love my baby, even though we haven't met yet
I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but not the taste
I love the crisp, fresh smell after a thunder shower
I love that I have wireless at home
I love that I can keep in touch with my precious tribe using Skype
I love Leopard trees, with their beautiful, delicate leaves and the many layered colours of the bark
I love walking by the Yarra River in Warrandyte
I love the sounds of the birds outside my bedroom window
I love peonies
I love my duck down duvet and my Egyptian cotton sheets
I love ducks and am grateful to them for my duvet
I love being able to walk safely in the streets
I love Melbourne
I love that my partner in life is also my best friend
I love a good novel
I love that even though my Mom is no longer physically here, she is with me every single day
I love Polish Christmas carols
I love a clean house
I love beautiful things
I love hugs
I love elephants
I love dolphins
I love the smell of the sea
I love hugging trees
I love aha moments
I love deep connections
I love that God is everywhere
I love watching my princess grow up into a loving and caring person
I love that my husband loves me
I love weddings
I love that I have an amazing family to miss in SA
I love silence
I love music that moves me
I love yoga
I love dancing
I love my life


  1. I love... You.

    That was wonderful, sad, happy and beautiful all at the same time. What got me was the intense honesty that you contained in those few words.

    Very moving. Very real.


  2. Wow this is so beautiful. I agree - really moving and very honest. Again, just beautiful.I'm happy for you that you find light in life..


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