The greatest gift

On our five year wedding anniversary, I am reflecting on how far we have come.

I am realising that the greatest gift you can give your children is a strong and successful marriage.

This image from the movie "The Notebook" makes me think of such a union. Their romance also reminds me so much of ours.

My vow today is be present in the marriage. To make the marriage a priority. To work on it every day.

I love you my sweetie.


  1. And I love your courage,
    Your determination,
    The strength the character you're instilling in our Annie.

    I love the fact that after all these years and through the good times that we are always thankful for,
    And through the tough times that makes us too old too quick,

    You're still the pretty girl I fell in love with.

    I love how your spirit encourages and allows me to be more of myself around you.

    Mostly, I love you
    I just do!


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