Happy birthday

It's my baby brother's 21st birthday toady.
I wanted to do something special for him, so I decided to make a happy birthday video.
It's no Spielberg and won't win any awards, but was made with lots of love.
I am actually quite proud of my work, because I have never used any movie making software before.
I scanned photos into my computer.
I pinched photos from Mihow's Facebook profile.
And I managed to put a song in too!

Happy birthday Mihow.
I miss you and wish we were together to celebrate your 21st.
As Annie would say, even though you are not here, you are always in my heart.


  1. awwwww. That's wonderful.
    Nadia, are you taking notes, look how sisters should wish brothers happy birthday... look, look LOOK :)

  2. Gee Olga, that was really lovely. I don't even know your brother but that made me cry.

  3. That was a really nice video. He looks so young in some of the pics! Wouldn't recognise him. And you in a high school uniform - LOL!! Anyways, looks like nice memories.

    Hahaha Sohail, I don't know how to make videos to put up on here! But I send very nice sms when u so far away! When u makin me a video huh? huh? huh? huh? :-p

  4. PS Does Annie really say that? That is so cuuuute!!! Aw my lil neice MWAH

  5. Nadia, I'll make a video for your next one then :)

    And yeah, can you believe, Annie does say stuff like that. All beautifully taught by her hippie mom ! :)


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