This made me cry

My sister in law went back to work today.
She gave birth to her second son on the 25th of August last year.
Today was her day to re enter the workplace.

She just sent me this amazing message on my phone.
It had me in tears, I wasn't even able to read it out loud to Sohail because I was so choked up.

I left a smiling happy baby this am
a son who said good luck mum
and put lunch in the car
a supportive hubby who said all the best
and a wonderful helper who came in at 6

arrived to an office who bought me roses
and bought lots of cake
and kept telling me how good I look
I have been asked if I'm keen to be a junior recruitment specialist

I thank God everyday for all the blessings in my life

Vallie, I hope you don't mind that I put this up.
It is so hard to leave your child for the first time.
I am so glad that it has gone so well for you.

You deserve all the happiness in the world!


  1. I would like to confirm that it took her a couple of go's at this msg to actually deliver it without sniffling her way through most of it.

    What a wonderful message from my sister-acquired-through-lawful-means. I keep being reminded of what lovely family I have.

    Vallie, Australians would say "Good onya" i.e. "good on you" i.e. "good for you" i.e. "we are happy for you" (I know, they've stuffed up the language to the point where I have to translate it four times over for it to make sense - but they're nice people).


  2. Thanks guys for all the support. You are all sorely missed. I think turning 31 has taught me to appreciate every breathing moment...(the older, the wiser I suppose:))

    There was a huge amount of stress built up about the day of returning to work,but God has shown me that no matter what obstacle may come my way, he will see me through it.All my love.Vallie

  3. woohooo Im famous.. Im part of a blog!!! :)

  4. lol Arshad - so deep :) That does sound like such an emotional but wonderful day. Glad it all went well for you vallie. My sisters in law cryin over each other lol


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