Daddy and me

This is a photo of me and my dad taken 26 years ago.
We were in the game reserve and like ignorant Europeans, we climbed out of the car for a photo.
My dad told me that we were standing by the lion's den.

I remember feeling so safe because my dad was with me.
No lion would come to get me.

Because I had the bravest and strongest man in the world protecting me.

To this day, I love my dad like I did that day.
He is there for me no matter what.
I love him unconditionally.

He is still my hero.

This is my Annie with her dad.
I see the same adoration in her eyes.

She knows that her dad is the bravest and strongest man in the world.

He will always protect her.

I hope that one day she will also tell a story like mine.


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