What's the time?

This is what I see in my kitchen every morning.
It always says that it's one o'clock.
The clock stopped when I had the ectopic pregnancy that ruptured.
I think it's to remind me to slow down.

We are a society that has a disease.
We are obsessed with doing.
Always hurrying to the next thing that must be done.
We struggle to just be.

I am probably one of the most guilty ones.
With this baby coming, I am constantly obsessing about what must still be done.
The cot.
The clothes.
The cleaning.
Obsessing that due to my physical inability to do all these things, they can't all be done.

But in all this obsession, I forget the impact it has on my health.
My peace of mind.
My family.
My baby.

My challenge, every day, is to just be.
Not do.
But, be.

When I get that right, I think the clock will work again.


  1. I agree. Do you think it is possible to just be, while doing what must be done...

  2. I think you're living in a good country to figure it out.

  3. I agree with Olga - all the bhuddist monks out there have hopefully got a more deeper understanding of it all.

    I don't really how to just be either but I reckon I know what it feels like so I recognise it when it happens.

    Beautiful bit of writing sweetheart. Pretty all of us will relate :)

  4. we need to push braaaaaaaaakes!


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