Food, glorious food

My dear friend Ewa just popped in.

She dropped off:

freshly baked bread - still hot
beautiful curry
rice for the curry
sour cream for the curry
fresh coriander for the curry
chilli for Sohail

Sohail spent the whole weekend cooking.

He made:

prawn curry
beef stew
chicken korma

My week is set.
My friend is incredible.
My husband is truly the love of my life.

It's a happy day.


  1. :)- it was nice for me to put words into action and actually do something to help a good friend a little bit.. Made with lots of good energy 'not so bad' ingredients
    Looking forward to catching up sometime soon..
    xxx Ewa

  2. ... and can I just say - what a suprise to see it all on your blog ! - it's made my day:)!


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