Planting time

It's my birthday today.
A whole 31.
I must say, I feel very young and excited about life.
I feel like I am on a great journey.

I have been wanting to grow my own vegetables for a long time.
So what better day than my birthday to start.

Since we don't own this house, I don't want to plant in the garden.
I am going to be using pots.

So I went out and bought:
Baby pumpkin - because I love pumpkin
Red capsicum - because it is so versatile
Dill - my favourite herb which takes me back to my mom's kitchen
Thyme - Sohail's favourite herb; and he is loving cooking at the moment
Oregano - because I love Italian cooking

Oh, and I bought a plant to donate to Annie's kindergarten.
I won't see it much, so I thought I would take a photo of it too.

I will wait for Annie to come home and we can plant together.
Nothing like children learning about the real world and getting themselves dirty in the process.


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