Children deserve

"Children deserve parents who make sure that they find the support and nurture that they need so they can wholeheartedly love them.

Children deserve parents who love one another and treat each other with kindness and respect even if the marriage doesn't last.

Children deserve parents who like themselves and who have creative work that they enjoy in addition to their employment.

Children deserve parents who like their work and want their children to know about it and why it's important.

Children deserve parents who remember that when children spill the milk that they used to spill it too.

Children deserve parents who will rock them to sleep with a lullaby and tuck them into bed with a story and kiss.

Children deserve parents who will take them for a walk through the fall leaves rather than buying them another toy.

Children deserve parents who take them to the library regularly and come home with arm loads of books about people who dream great dreams and overcome immense difficulties.

Children deserve parents who are willing to slow down from the rat race long enough to enter into the wonder of discovery with them.

Children deserve parents who allow them to work alongside, at their own pace, and with appropriate jobs so that each can feel a sense of accomplishment on completion.

Children deserve parents who are selective about television watching, who study the program guide to know what quality programs exist and who will spend time reading or playing games instead of lazily flicking on the switch.

Children deserve parents who have an extended family network of support and back-up nurture."

-Sara Wenger Shenk


  1. I love it and whole-heartedly agree!

    Your children are so beautiful! And it looks like they truly get along and love one another ... kudos to you for helping foster that!

  2. That's lovely of you to say. Thank you, Nicole. I'm sure your little ones will love each other just as much!


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