Daddy's day

Today is Father's Day in Australia.

We had lots of fun preparing for it.

Home made wrapping paper - we made hand prints of the kid's hands on plain white paper.
Well, Xavier wasn't too keen, so we had Annie's hand prints and Xavier's blotches!

Gift tags made using the kid's hands.
I think this is great and if we do it every year, we can actually document how they grow.

Annie and I set the breakfast table.
Picked flowers.
Dished up croissants.
Cold meat.
Cream cheese.
Yummy bread.
Hot tea.

Annie was amazing in keeping all of this a surprise for her Dad.

Especially when she told him that she won't tell him anything.

Not about the painting.
Or the breakfast :)

Lovely day.


  1. Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog when you stopped by! I planted herbs in pots last year and they all survived but stopped growing after a time (increasing in size)I took them from the pot to the garden bed a couple of weeks ago and they are growing again.
    I hope you are having a nice Fathers Day at your house.

  2. Thanks Tammy James. I think I may need to move my herbs then, I have used up all my thyme and it doesn't look like it's started to grow again. Father's day has been great, hope yours was too!

  3. Thank you very much for a wonderful Father's Day. I had a lovely day and a lovely time. It was all so thoughtful.

    I love you guys.


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