I'm sorry

I'm sorry I shouted

I am supposed to be the adult
Yet, there I was, stomping my feet like a three year old

Shouting at my three year old

I have to remind myself
That like you
I am imperfect

And forgive myself

For not being a saint
For losing my patience

Over something so silly

I want to teach you how to behave
But I do not always get it right

And you are so forgiving

And I am so thankful for that

Often I think that you are the adult in our relationship
I have so much to learn from your ability to forgive
Your kindness
Your wisdom

I'm sorry I shouted


  1. The fact that you were present enough to hear the whispers says a lot. Don't be too hard on yourself, your daughter won't be, I won't be and the world won't be.

    Our children are here to teach us as much as we are here to teach them. You're listening and learning. More than that, we cannot ask of you my love.

  2. wow- do you write your own poetry? very well written- your daughter is learning through you a beautiful lesson on asking for forgiveness.

  3. What beautiful words. Puts into words how I sometimes feel


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