Lettuce be patient

I was so excited to find this in my garden.
I had planted lettuce seeds in the ground last year.
They didn't come up.
Until this year.
Out of the blue!

My husband's post this morning got me thinking that we really do need to be patient in life.
We are always in such a hurry to achieve this and that.

If we just wait, miracles can happen.

My tomato plant has got a flower.
I am waiting patiently for those first tomatoes!

Lavender in the garden.
Just to enjoy.


  1. Hi Ola -- patience pays off. I planted some golden raspberry bushes and regular raspberry bushes one spring. One kind died, but since they had no fruit the first year, I didn't know whether the one left was the ordinary raspberries or the much sweeter golden raspberries. I bided my time until the second summer and was rewarded by goldens. Tonight, for dinner, I stood in the garden and ate them right off the plant. How sweet it that?


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