This man

This man is my husband.
This man is the father of my daughter.
This man is the father of my son.

This man put a five year halt on his hugely successful career for his family.
This man packed up his whole life and moved across the world for his family to be safe and secure.
This man was solely responsible for the move to Australia that did not cost us a cent because his company wanted him so much that they paid for it all.

This man takes the bus in the cold to work everyday.
Because we can only afford one car.
And he loves cars.
But he loves us more.

This man has breakfast with his family every morning.
This man makes me poached eggs and tea every Saturday and Sunday.
This man makes the best pancakes in the world.

This man cooks all the meals for the week every weekend.
Because he loves to cook for his family.
And he wants to make my weeks as stress free as he can.

This man gives my little man a bottle at 10pm every night.
So that I can get some rest.
Because I am exhausted right now.

This man goes on Dad dates with his daughter.
Because he loves her.
And because he wants to give me a rest.

This man does not have any family to support him in a foreign country.

He only has me.
I only have him.

He doesn't complain.

He does all of this because he is a family man.

And that is why I love this man.


  1. what a beautiful tribute to your husband....he is one very special man and you are one very lucky wife...and your children are blessed to have two people who love them so very very much....

  2. Thank you Beth. That is lovely of you to say.

  3. Ola , this is just beautiful, what a lucky girl you are to have such a wonderful partner and father to your children, and he to have you all.

  4. Thanks Tammy. Yes, I do consider myself very lucky indeed :)


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