Ballerina girl

My ballerina girl had her first concert this weekend.

She got to wear make up.
She loved the make up.

She was the smallest one on stage.
I think that she is the smallest one in the dance school.

She came on stage.

She ran off.

She ran back on.

She saw me in the audience.
She waved.
She said "Hi Mom!"
She waved.
She chuckled.
She waved.
She said "Hi Mom!"
She laughed.

She looked around the audience thinking that this is the most fun she has ever had.

She came home holding herself just a little bit taller.
Her confidence in herself has sky rocketed.
She has been performing for us ever since.

She is my shining star.

I am so proud of her.

My little ballerina.


  1. What a beautiful ballerina! I remember being a little ballerina myself and how those recitals are so nerve-wracking yet empowering. Congrats on making it through her first one!


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