I can't paint.
I can't draw.

Occasionally I can take a good photograph.

But that is the extent of my creativity, thanks to my training as a boring accountant.

My dad is sure that Annie has an artistic side.
She has much more talent than me.
Maybe one day she will be a world famous artist.

I do know, however, what moves me.



I love Meri's blog.

She does the most amazing art.
And is a fan of Eckhart, just like me.

Her Chrysanthemums have made my heart soar.
Go have a look here and here.
It has made my day so much brighter.


  1. My dear Ola:
    Everyone is creative. We are made from the stuff of God, the Creator. How could we NOT be creative? So write me off blog at my email and I'll help you learn to do the kinds of things I do.


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