Reflections Part 2

My daughter did something sneaky today.

She thought I couldn't hear her, so she turned the kitchen timer back, so that she could get more TV time.
(I allow her two hours a day, once the timer has gone off, so does the TV.)

I was quite amused by this and was struck by how daring she was.

I would have never done something like that as a child, I was (and still am) way too eager to please.

I asked her what she had just done.

I casually explained that it's probably not a good idea to do something like that.
Started trying to explain what integrity is to a (nearly) four year old.

And then the strangest thing happened.

She started crying.

She had realised what she had done.

I had hardly said a sentence to her.

She realised all on her own.

She had tried to betray her mother's trust.

She didn't understand what she was feeling.

She felt remorse.

At the age of (nearly) four.

How incredible.

I had to tell her that it was OK.
That she felt bad because she had tried to do something sneaky.
But that I still love her.
And it's OK to make mistakes.

All of this to a (nearly) four year old.

Her depth of emotion and maturity has amazed me.

I am so grateful for this little angel.
Who tells me that she loves me at least once every hour.
Every day.

I love you , my Annie.


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