Reflections Part 3

I am so blessed to have this little man.

Tonight I got to hum Brahm's Lullaby to him.
So that he could fall asleep.
I can't sing.
But I can hum.

I get to feed him.

For five months of his life, my body was what was keeping him alive.
My body carried him for nine months.
Then it fed him for another five.

I am in awe of my body.
A woman's body.
A miracle machine.

I get to wake up for him at night.
To comfort him in the dark.

I read this today.

And I am reminded of how important my job is.

That I do not let him cry himself to sleep.

Like people tell me to do.

I trust my motherly instinct.

And comfort my son.
Because he needs me.

One day he won't.

I savour every moment that he does.


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