I only come here when I feel that I have something of value to write.

When I feel inspired.

My inspiration.


I am so busy.
Busy with the school run.
Busy with the nap times.
Busy with the meals.
Busy with the house.
Busy with the ironing.
Busy with being a mother.
Busy with being a wife.

And the busyness has left me uninspired.

I have no time to reflect.

To be.

So I sit here.

And I know that nothing of value will come.

Because all creativity comes from a place of stillness.

And I have not been still.

I plan to be more still.
To come back and write something beautiful.

And meaningful.

And inspirational.

For now.
I rest.


  1. And yet me, and other people like me, will draw inspiration from this post. We could all just 'be', and stop being so busy.

    The simple act of sitting down to think and write that i've been trying to do has managed to make me a bit more introspective...

    Something I would have never done, were it not for you taking the leap to blog, and be still, and write, and love, and share...

    Often, you inspire others without meaning to - that's when you know you're getting it right.

    I love you, and... This too, shall pass...


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