I read this, this morning.
Who would have thought that I would have needed it this afternoon.

The word that stuck out for me was dignity.

It is not a word I had considered.
Up until now.
In my role as a parent.

But it struck something within me.

And then my precious girl had a moment.
An hour long moment.
A moment because she couldn't paint a picture.
Because we had to get ready for bed.
So I let her have her moment.

Because it is healthy to feel our emotions.

But her moment was longer than just a moment.

And then I had a moment.

A split second moment.
Where I had had enough of her moment.
Because my ego decided that her moment had lasted long enough.

So I bent down to her and almost told her.

That enough is enough.
That she must stop it.
Because it was not convenient for me.
In my moment.

But before I opened my mouth.

I remembered.


Let me be dignified in how I treat my precious child.
Let me give her, her dignity.

By not making her scared.
Or embarrassed.
Or by belittling her moment.


Her moment passed.
Only in the bath.

But we got through our moments.

With dignity.

If you want to be inspired to be a better parent, have a look at Carrie's blog.
I have been reading her for about a month.
It has slowed me down.
And really made me pay attention.


  1. Thanks for sharing Carrie's site Ola and this post was beautifully written.

  2. A wonderful post, thank you so much I needed that too.


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