My messy home.
Because people live here.
The people that I love with every bit of myself.

The ball house cluttering up the whole lounge.
Because my children climb into it and laugh till their tummies hurt.

The dirty dishes in the kitchen.
Because we can afford to eat whatever we want.
Whenever we want.

The pile of laundry.
Because we have been given so many clothes for our children.
By people that care.
And we don't need to buy any.

My tired bones.
Because I go to bed too late.
Because I want to experience my whole life.
And write my blog.
And read my books.

My irritation with my husband.
For working so late.
And putting out his back.
Because he has a dream for us.
For my dream holiday to Bali.
And my camera.
And for my children to be able to experience a Montessori education.

My weariness with my daughter.
Because she never stops talking.
And questioning.
Because she loves life.
And is bright and intelligent and a shining light in my life.

My shot nerves.
Because my son is not walking yet, but has already managed to climb the whole flight of stairs.
And Annie's chairs in her room.
And the open dishwasher.
And fallen from most of these places.
Because he wants to experience life.
With his whole being.
And is always smiling.
And following his sister around the house.

My sore heart.
Because I miss my family in South Africa.
Because I am blessed to have such amazing people to miss.

What a beautiful mess.
My perfectly, imperfect life.


  1. I'm reading this blog

    while your daughter draws magic pictures with her magic colour pencils,
    while your son bangs on the xylophone
    whilst having my breakfast and trying to drink some tea
    while flutterby fairy keeps reminding me of how hungry (and lonely) she is

    We never seem to be doing just ONE thing anymore like we used to
    instead we're juggling about 10 things simultaneously
    and trying to put the wellbeing of our family and our children first
    and making sure that we remain sane and happy throughout the journey

    To be honest,
    I wouldn't have it any other way...

    I'm happy with here!

  2. Hi,
    IM visiting your blog via DTE.
    What a beautiful post - and just what i needed to read this morning. Half way through the school holidays with so much to do and not seeming to get much done - except being here for my precious children (even if they are driving me nuts), they are fed, clothed and have a (somewhat messy atm) roof over their heads - ahhhhh life is good!

    Nic xxx

  3. Such a beautiful way tot express the truths in life. xo m.

  4. You may get some flack for speaking the truth of all the pushes and pulls on mommies. Don't be tempted to stop speaking the truth.

  5. Hi Ola, thanks for visiting my blog and your great comments. This post is beautiful, I'm looking forward to reading more from you, you've found a new follower!

  6. I read this blog again this morning in the bus and it managed to bring me peace again.

    I love you.


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