My little one will be one in one week.

Feeling quite emotional about all of it.

Remembering the day I first saw him.

How he crawled to my breast.

That is the moment I fell in love.

He has brought me more joy than I could have ever thought.

This has been a wonderful, beautiful year.

The year I have felt more like myself than ever before.

I will miss the infant cuddles.

The cocoon of love and stillness.

The small child I carry in a sling.

Heart to heart.

In love.

With each other.


  1. My youngest will be 9 on Sunday. Goodness how time flies. Love to you all :)

  2. And so one phase of his little life and ours ends as another will begin - bringing with it ( different and ) even more life, love and everything else.

    I'm so proud of you for what you have done for yourself, him and the family in the last year.

  3. Lovely. My little one will be one in less than four months, and already I'm a little overwhelmed by how fast the time has gone by. Happy Birthday to your small one :).


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