Gardening time

Not much will get me outside at eight o'clock at night during a Melbourne autumn.

The only thing that has ever done that is my garden.
Planting in peace.
Soil in my hands.

- I have never liked to use gardening gloves -

The beautiful earthy aroma.
The promise of a beautiful life for the little fellow going into the earth.
The creation of a sanctuary all for myself in my backyard.

 The first time I have experienced this in two years.

I planted a Clivia.
A South African plant to remind me of home.

It blooms in Spring.

It has always been my sign of Spring.

I guess we are finally settling down.

I have the energy and head space to create some beauty in my environment.
I may even have the energy to nurture the rented space we have here.

I am dreaming of a wrought iron table and chairs.
To put outside.
In our little space.

Our little space that we call home.


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