Making butter

Putting the cream into the jar.

Shaking it up.

Still shaking.

Pouring out the buttermilk.

Squeezing the buttermilk out of the butter.

Home made butter.
Who knew that it would be so easy?


  1. Get outta here! Really? That is so cool, you're right, who knew?! (Well maybe lots of people, but definitely not me!!)

  2. I'll have to try this some time soon! I'd be curious to know whether it lasts longs. I think I've heard that homemade butter doesn't last long, but I'm sure it would be gone within a couple of days at my house anyway since we're serious consumers of butter :). Your daughter is lovely, btw!

  3. Christie, it was really easy. Just quite a bit of shaking (mostly from me). I would love to see you do a butter making blog.

    Hey Juliana! We made the butter on Friday and I just put the last of it into my lentil and barley soup (Tuesday). Does that count as lasting long? Hmm, I have no idea! Thanks for your comment about Annie. Yes, as her mother I think she is fabulous :). There is the comment that: there is only one beautiful child and every mother has her :).


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