Baking bread

I'm sure that everyone who reads this blog bakes bread.
So this may not be such a revelation to you.

But, I do not bake bread.

Until now.

I have recently discovered the joy of creating with my hands.

Sohail said we should get a bread maker.
To do the hard work of kneading the bread.

I said.


Not yet.

I first want to learn.

I want to learn about the texture.
The consistency.
The feel.
The smell.
Of home made.
Hand made.


So this was our third attempt of the weekend.
Lacking in salt.
But perfect in every other way.

We live in such a fast paced world.
Everything is about convenience.

And we have lost our connection.

To ourselves.

To the origins of all our produce.

To not know how to make your own bread?
Something that has been made by all humankind?
Since the beginning of humankind.

So I am slowing down in the kitchen.
I am almost making everything from scratch.
And we can taste the love in the food.

And the energy in the food.

Is from a different place.

A place of presence.
And peace.
And joy.

I hope that you find some joy in your kitchen.


  1. Beautiful bread :). I don't make bread often, though I should. We have a breadmaker. We also don't have a working oven, which is why Jeremy's mom bought us a breadmaker. One day, though, I will slow down and make delicious bread in the oven :).

  2. you always write such touching posts. i love feeding my littles warm bread with butter and sometimes a touch of honey.

  3. i love baking bread- i find it very satisfying and my family is so very happy when I bake bread. We love to have french toast with it the very next day.

  4. That bread looks amazing. How do you make it so fluffy? Mine is never quite as soft looking. xo m.

  5. Ah. I used to make bread, kneading and letting it rise and punching it down and letting it rise again. Oh, that yeasty smell of bread waiting its time in the oven. And the heavenly smell and taste of fresh-baked bread. Haven't done it for years. But at one point, I created a sourdough starter and kept it going for a long time, making sourdough French breads and other tasty sourdough loaves. Now I tend to make quick breads: lemon poppyseed, Irish soda bread, scones, etc. And I make those only when I'm involved in a gathering. It's too much to bake breads only for myself. But there is something very primal and satisfying about making bread, as you've discovered.


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