City slickers

Well, Sohail got a ticket to go and watch the footy today.

This is a Melbourne obsession that we do not understand.
We got off the plane two years ago and immediately had to announce our team to everyone.

It is a big part of the culture over here.

I really didn't want to spend the whole afternoon at home again.

So we got dressed up in hundreds of layers of clothes.
And left Sohail to go and watch the footy.

While the kids and I spent an afternoon in the city.

In true Melbourne fashion.

It was freezing cold.

And then the sun came out.

And then it started raining.

We were blessed with a rainbow.

I discovered that I do not have one, but two children who love the swing as much as Melburnians love the footy.

We explored ArtPlay.

The coolest place for kids.

And I was reminded.

That I live in one of the most liveable cities in the world.
It is clean.

Far away from all the people that I love.

That we came here two years ago.
With one child.
With a dream for a good life for our family.

We are building that life.

Even though we are sad that we are not able to share it with all the people that we love.

And we feel really isolated.

But we have a strong unit.
The four of us.
Taking it a day at a time.
Loving the precious moments.
Breathing it all in.

This moment.

This life.

This precious life.


  1. I love the photo of your children at ArtPlay ... such a wonderful shot! I completely understand the feeling of being isolated and far from family. It takes time to adjust. It seems strange to me when people move to a new city and don't really need to adjust .. they just acclimate themselves so easily. I guess I've never been that person!

    It does help, though, when you're surrounded by beauty and good things :).

  2. hugs to you...your not alone in feeling isolated. i feel it too. it is hard for anyone to understand who has not been through it. as i say, it is exhilarating living in another country but also the loneliest experience.

    thanks for the tip on ArtPlay!

  3. i forgot to say, i am with you on the footy thing.


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