The work we do

Today I talk about the work we do.

The seemingly insignificant work.

The work we think no one notices.

The work we think that others find insignificant.

To the mother who stays at home raising her children.
Thinking that her work is not valuable.
Because she is not contributing financially to the family.

To the father who slaves away in the corporate world.
Thinking that his work is not valuable.
Because he is just making more and more money for a big corporation.

And is not busy with the serious business of raising children.

To the student who thinks he is putting in all this effort into a degree.
That he does not see a point to.
Because it's just going to get him a job on the corporate treadmill.

To the manager who has been doing the same job for thirty years.
With no perceived recognition.

To the mother who has to work outside the home.
And feels that she does not give enough to her children.

Or to her job.

Because she is stretched so thin.

The work you do matters.

We are all doing the right work.

We all think we have to do great things to make an impact.
That a smile to a co-worker does not matter in the grand scheme of things.
That a home made bread is frivolous.
Child's play.

When in fact, each moment is just that.
One small moment.
That counts.

Because it connects us.
Our intention and action with that moment is what makes it great.

Each sacred moment.

We choose.

To make it great.
Or to make it small.

Do not discount yourself.

You are important to someone.

You matter to someone.

You matter to God.
Or Life.
Or Source.
Or whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

If you think that you are not getting what you need.
What you deserve.

Give that to someone else.

The law of the universe.

Will give it back to you.

Because what you see in the world.
Is what is within you.

Look around you.

And see the beauty.

And the purpose.

Of each living thing.

And each little moment.

Children work for the love of the process.
Adults work for the outcome.

We spend most of our time in the next moment.
And don't see the perfection right in front of our eyes.



Make this moment count.

Because you matter.

Blessings to you.


  1. OMG
    like ...


    Thank you for this post!

    I love you

  2. That was absolutely beautiful, Ola. I needed that. I so often forget to be in the moment, even though I am all too aware of how important it is to be in the moment, to let the past and the future be.

  3. What a beautiful post. Some days, as a stay-at-home Mum, it is easy to feel forgotton and passed over. Thank you for reminding me that the little things we do matter. xx


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