Cooking time

Becoming a vegetarian has been quite a ride.

I have always struggled with what to put up on the table for dinner.
It has always been made easier with there being a meat as the star of the show.
Roast chicken and veggies.
Steak and chips. (Not that we ever ate that)
Beef goulash with veggies.

Now it's veggies and ??


To make it even more daunting, I get my veggies delivered every week by these lovely people.
Thanks for the tip, Meagan.
It's great because I don't have to go shopping.
It's also great because I get a seasonal selection of lovely, fresh, organic goodies every week.

But sometimes, I don't know what to do with what they have given me.

So yesterday, I came upon Catherine's lovely blog.


I had this amazing beauty in my pantry.

I chopped it up and turned it into a sweet potato soup.
I even snuck some barley in there to get some whole grains full of amino acids into our diet. 

I won't give you the recipe.

My soups are always made with whatever is on hand.

And Catherine's recipe looks absolutely divine.

I made some corn bread.
Not chilli.
I don't eat chilli.
Sohail loves it.
Not me, sorry.

Dinner was loved by all.
Sohail was blown away.
He is so impressed with what I have been whipping up in the kitchen of late.

Although, I have to add that it is really tough trying to be creative in the kitchen when you have a gorgeous little fifteen month old scrambling at your feet.

I felt so sorry for him.


No, sorry, my boy, you can't have the knife, or the liquid soap.

He is just that little bit too young to be helping me out.

He can't sit by the counter yet as he is not stable enough.
He is also still a little bit all over the place.

So I can't get him to stir the bread mix just yet.

But, I have to get dinner on the table.

It's hard.

I would love to just sit with him all day.
Staring into his angelic eyes.

And I do that most of the time.

But today, I didn't manage to get dinner started while he was still having his nap.

So he had to scramble at my feet.

I don't know how all you mothers juggle all of this with small children.

I don't do much on a daily basis.
I spend most of my time just being with my children.


Dinner still needs to get on the table.


  1. Your corn bread looks yummy and soup is so nice and hearty to have during winter that I could eat them all the time:) Getting dinner cooked with little ones around is hard especially when they are at a busy age. I used to bring my girls table and chair in the kitchen and give them playdough to play with so they were busy and I could keep an eye on them too. Now they are bigger they sometimes come and help me which is nice. Have a good weekend.:)

  2. I never really get to see the challenge that you have with the children at your feet, and pots on the stove and trying to manage everything... Nor do I get to see how you think about what to make, plan for our dinners, and make sure that we all get as much nutrition from the dinners / lunches that you make.

    All I see when I come home is a beautiful house, warm delicious dinners, and calm and happy children who seem to have had a full day and who are happy to see me come home.

    All I see is you sitting on the carpet with the kids and enjoying them. All I see is how everything (like clothes, and food, and plates, and crockery, etc.) are always available when I need them, as if by magic.

    I look around the house, and to be honest, all I see is YOU everywhere.

    That's why I like to come home... to you... to the kids... to the home you have made for us... to the love that you feed us with everyday.

    From Annie, Xavier and Me - We thank you. We love you. And we cherish every moment of our lives with you.


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