Happy birthday

I am 32 today.

I have just been completely surprised by these gorgeous flowers sent from my in laws who are living in South Africa.

I don't know if it was planned, but the bunch has
Anthuriums from Mauritius
Proteas from South Africa
Native flowers from Australia.

A mixture of beauty, beautiful like my life.

I feel really settled in who I am.

Confident as a mother.
Happy with the life choices I have made.

Truly wealthy, I have so much to be grateful for.
And hopefully wiser than I was a year ago.

I am looking forward to my gorgeous friend coming to visit tonight.

I have an amazing husband.
Beautiful children.
An amazing school community that I am part of.
Fabulous friends all over the world.

 And a truly wonderful family to miss in South Africa.

What a great day.
What a great life.

I hope yours is great too!


  1. Aww beautiful :)
    I'm glad you're enjoying your special day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope it continues to go well for you.

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderfully happy day! :o)

  4. Happy Birthday, beautiful Ola! I hope it was a lovely, sweet, love-filled day for you and your family!

  5. Sorry this birthday wish is belated Ola. Happy Birthday to you sweet lady. I hope your birthday was a special one. xo


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