More baking and the joy of childhood

So, it is African week in Annie's classroom.
Annie's classroom is like the United Nations.
Children with heritage that is American, British, Swiss, Middle Eastern, Asian, and the list goes on and on.

This is one of the reasons I love Melbourne, it is so cosmopolitan.

Today, Xavier and I went to do baking with the children.
We made Malva Pudding, a traditional South African desert.

After the events of the past few days, I am feeling that my heart has been filled up once again.

The children made me and Xavier feel so welcome.
They were so enthusiastic to cook.
Almost every single child in the class chose to help.
In a Montessori classroom, children choose the activities they wish to do.
There is no pressure to do anything that you do not want to do.

Everyone had a turn to mix, whisk, add, measure and pour.

We discussed life in South Africa.

I showed them a model of an African lady holding a baby on her back.
Question time.
The all time favourite question about the lady: "I like it".

Then it was time for the cake to bake.
Annie made me a cup of tea.
She asked if I could taste her love.

They looked after Xavier. Played with him. Patted him on the head.

Then it was time to eat.
They all queued up for their cake.
Brought me a piece.

They came to tell me that they liked it very much.

They went back for seconds, thirds and fourths until it was all gone.

I said goodbye.
They all thanked me for coming.

I thanked them for having me.

I have heard that a Montessori classroom is a little community.

I got to experience it today.

Children who are joyful, confident, kind, caring, loving and warm.

They take care of each other.
They take care of their classroom.
They take care of their guests.

I came home, so full of joy.
I would have loved to spend the whole day there.

Annie's teacher is phenomenal.
She radiates joy and love for these little people.

I told her how lucky she is that she gets to experience this every single day.

I think I may just have to become a Montessori teacher one day.


  1. Oh, I do love this ... if for some reason I don't unschool or homeschool Luna, then Montesorri it is. You wrote this so beautifully that it left me wanting that for her -- community, passion, curiosity, engagement. Thank you for sharing :).

  2. beautiful.

    montessori has been such a blessing for us living in a country that is not our own. quinn has been given the tools to really grasp the concept.

  3. Gorgeous story Olga! Thanks for the reminder :)


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