Some bad news

I just spoke to my brother on Skype.

He was sleeping last night.
Three men entered the house with guns.
The one put a gun to his head.
Asked if there was anyone else at home.
Proceeded to steal what they came to steal.
Tv, laptop, computer.

My mom's jewellery.

My brother's treasured photos on his laptop.

They tied him up.

Told him that they were not going to kill him.
Said they were sorry to hear that our mother passed away four years ago.

He was lucky.

This time.

These men were not the murderers and rapists that terrorise people sleeping in their beds at night.
The animals that rape babies because they believe it will cure them of AIDS.

These were just the men that were out to make a quick buck to feed their hungry stomachs.

Yes, he was lucky.
Very lucky.

That is why we left.

Such a beautiful country.

That we called home.

Because the national culture has become one of take before it is taken from you.
This is not all the people.
Don't get me wrong.

But when your government is corrupt, people feel it's ok.
To take your life.
For a cellphone.

I have been crying.
Deep sorrow from my heart.

They are there.
I am here.

I can't even give my brother a hug.
I have to watch him breaking down on a computer screen.

That is what the situation in the country has done.

It has broken up families.

It has broken up our family.

I wish for them to be safe here with me.

I wish.
I wish.
I wish.


  1. Ola this is terrible. I am so glad to hear that your brother is alright and that he was not hurt. I wish with you that they could be somewhere safer. Take care.

  2. Such bad news. I relate to your post. I had a break in and my laptop containing my work but more importantly my precious photos was stolen. Being an immigrant, I have also left loved ones behind and you always fear for their safety. Thankfully your brother is OK and even though you cannot physically give him a hug; I am sure he feels you all around him. Take Care,

  3. You always read of stories like this of other people but now it's my story, hectic stuff

  4. Ola I'm terribly Sorry to hear this. I am relieved to hear your brother was not hurt Sorry that he still is nonetheless traumatised as are you. Hugs.

  5. This is why we left as well. So sad. :(
    Hugs to you all xx

  6. Ola, I am new to your blog.
    I am so sorry to hear what happened to your brother. that is so scary.
    it is so hard when family is away....


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