We are in the deepest of Winter.


Not really my cup of tea.

I like sunshine.
I love sunshine, actually.
I don't like it to be too hot though.
I'm really a shoulder seasons kinda gal.

Normally by now, I would be quite depressed.

I am not.
I am soldiering on.

It has taken me two years to accept that this is the weather in Melbourne.

I cannot change it.
I am embracing it.

Winter is a time for retreat.
For planning.
For resting.
For early to bed.
And late to rise.


So, I hibernate.

I am cooking rich, wholesome meals.
Slow cooking.
Slow living.

Struggling with a cold for two months.

But, this too, shall pass.

I embrace the deepest of Winter.


  1. It does look dreary -- but spring is coming (for you). I have a wet and chilly winter to come. Your words suggest you've come to terms; the photo makes the raindrops look like strings of crystals adorning the tree's branches.


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