The chronicling sisterhood of love

I have been very intrigued by Juliana's latest posts on her blog.
She is very keen to build up a community.
A sisterhood. A virtual sisterhood.

I am following along with her on this journey and perhaps you would like to as well?

Who knows where it will take us?

Today she is asking the big questions:

What is your heart's biggest, largest, grandest desire?
What is it you have always wanted to be or do?
Why do you think you are here on this earth?

I have been thinking about her questions for a day or two.
I think that these are the questions I have been asking myself my whole life.
The reasons for my spiritual quests all this time.

And the older I am getting.
The more I am realising that it doesn't matter.

When the answer is, "I don't know", you can be sure that you are on the right path.

The more we live in the future and the past, the more we suffer.
All that matters is this present moment.

In this moment.
All is well.

You are breathing.
You are alive.
You are reading my words.


It is all well.

We go through this life wishing that the past was different.
Hoping for a better future.
But, there is nothing in the past that can hurt us.
It has already happened.
There is nothing in the future that is sweeter than this moment.

This moment where we are alive.

Tomorrow may never come.

I know that in my bones.

I spend my time being the best mother I can be.
Looking after my family.
Trying to create a peaceful and beautiful home.
I am taking care of myself.
Going to yoga classes.
Eating healthy vegetarian meals.
I know that if I am ok, my family will be ok.
A mother is the heart of the family.
She must put herself first.
I work on being a good wife.
I don't think I am doing the best job of that one right now.
I know our marriage is strong.
And we are united in our goals for our family.
And it will survive this exhausting time.
The time with small children.

The time that shows you more than anything.

That this moment.
Right now.
Is what matters.

Because that is where they live.

And we wash our hair in the shower.
But we are already making dinner.


Feel the beautiful, clear, water droplets falling on your body.
Marvel at the human advancement.
We turn a switch.
 Beautiful, cleansing water comes out of a receptacle to wash away our worries, fears, disappointments.
To start fresh.
And clean.
Every day.

I am here to live now.

And marvel at the wonder of this world.

It is my daily challenge.
To remain here.


Because this moment shall pass all too soon.

And I would have missed it if I wasn't paying attention.

What is your answer, to these big questions?


  1. o yes, the Power of now. That was so pretty, your words... We all need to remember to live in the moment. You are so right.
    Visiting from Juliana's post! I am going to participate too...

  2. I love the words and I love the picture of the flower. I woke up today with a bit of spring in the house because of the pretty flowers...

    But I wake up every day with a perpetual spiritual spring in the house because of the beauty and wonder of what you bring to our family each and every day.

    We thank you.

    And I think it's a wonderful idea to share the journey with other spiritual travellers! :)

  3. Thank you for this, Ola. I often need to remind myself to slow down and breathe as well. It's so sad that it can be so difficult for many of us, just slowing down and breathing and being and living. But this, this, I think, is precisely what spirituality is, because it is here that we can begin to see the world as absolutely interconnected and magical.


  4. Too many people spend their time living in the past. I have been that person, although, I can see as I age the things that mattered to me in the past do not hold the same power over me.

    Great post!

  5. I'm glad I stopped by at your blog! Although I'm on a different continent, perhaps we are on similar journeys. And thank you for the reminder to stop and enjoy now. I don't do enough of that, and stressing for the future seems to take away from my now.


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