Father's day

It was Father's day yesterday.

Hand made wrapping paper.
Presents in bed.

French toast and fruit for breakfast.
With flowers picked from the garden for Daddy.

Happy Father's day my Sweetie.

I love watching you grow into your role as the father of my children.
In the moment, all those years ago, when I told you that I wanted you to be the father of my children, I had no idea it would be like this.

I had no idea you could be so strong.
And kind.
And inspiring.
And a true role model for our little ones.

I love you.


  1. very sweet. happy father's day! xo m.

  2. you really write so beautifully. happy celebrating.

  3. A beautiful ode to your husband who you dearly love. I hope he had a wonderful day. xo

  4. My hope is to be as good a father to our angels are your are a mother to them.

    I will get there one day. Thank you very much for this wonderful note. I love you very much.


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