Just for the record

I have been thinking lately about the purpose of this blog.

Why do I come to this space?

The biggest reason is that it is a record.

Of my life.
Right now.

And maybe one day, my children will read it.

And maybe it will help them to understand their mother better.
Maybe it will give them some insight into parenting.
Or some inspiration.
Or maybe even a recipe.

Maybe it's because my mom is gone.
And I have so many questions that I want to ask her.
And I can't.

Maybe it's because I would have loved to read her memoirs.

So maybe my children would want that from me.


So when I write here, I think of them.

And I wonder if they will read this one day.

And understand their mother better.
Her good days and bad.
Her successes and failures.

I hope that they will forgive me for my blunders.

And see their mother, just as a person.

For we are all just people.
Trying to do the best we can.
With the tools that we have.

Blessings to you.


  1. Sometimes I too wonder why I write on my blog, why I go through the effort to keep up with it ... you've put into words exactly how I feel. Keep on writing! :o)

  2. i always think that if something happened to me my littles would have a peek into their childhood and a peek into their mother's heart. i think blogs really are so special. i also think it will be my favorite thing as an old lady. xo.

  3. It's an amazing and important reminder of every day. For you. For your children. I read a friend's blog today, and it focused on this same subject - you may want to look? I'll send her here too!

    Sunshine x


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