Spiral sisters

A new consciousness is developing.
The old, outdated thinking is moving out.

I have to believe it.

We have ravaged our planet and ourselves too much.
We are obsessed with material possessions.
Plastic society.
We over eat.
Over work.


From each other.

The planet.


Did you know that in ancient times, women's menstrual cycles were synchronised with the cycles of the moon?

We would menstruate at the time of the new moon.
Our men would make a special place for us to retreat with each other.
We wouldn't cook.
We would be taken care of in this special time.
We would celebrate our roles as women and mothers.
We would lovingly take care of our children and families.
We would not be in competition with each other.

We have lost that.

We do not know who we are.
We call our cycle "the curse".
Pre menstrual tension is laughed at.
We are ridiculed for having ebb and flow in our life force.

It is a beautiful, natural part of being a woman.

A woman that is synchronised with the planet.
The universe.

We can get back to that place.
That place of connection to Mother Earth.

That place of recognition of ourselves in each other.

Each of us needs to start with herself.

If we just slow down.
And take the time to take it all in.
And look after each other.

We need a sisterhood again.

And the spiralsisters have given us a place to start.

This is a blog that was started on the new moon last week.

Two beautiful women who feel the way I do.
Who recognise that we need to be together.

Not in competition with each other.

A safe place where we can go to heal.
To be nurtured.
I hope you go and have a look at their blog.
And follow them.

There is some serious soul food to be found over there.


  1. What a beautiful post Ola. It is true all of what you said, we need to slow down, embrace nature, ourselves and get back to what truly matters in life people and our earth.

  2. good thoughts Ola, A beautiful heartfelt post.

  3. So beautifully written, Ola. x Thank you for sharing Spiral Sisters.


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