This week

The whole family got sick this week.
It started with Annie on Saturday.
She got some magnetic dress up dolls to help her to feel better.
I proceeded to get sick.
So sick, I couldn't believe it.
The last time I was that sick was when I had mastitis.
Not pretty.
And then Xavier got sick.
While I was sick.
Not pretty once again.
Sohail was the last man standing.

And the Spring Equinox came.
And he got sick.
So sick.
It was not pretty.
I am still feeling quite fragile.
Resting a lot.
When I can.
We spent the whole week together as a family.
Even though we were all sick, I really enjoyed the hibernation time.
We picked flowers for Spring.
I took the children to see the ducks at the river.
I took the children on the swings at the park.
Annie and I went to Winterwood.

I have started knitting something special for someone special.
I am slowly entering back into the world.
Just, slowly.


  1. Ola I am so sorry that your sweet family had this sickness come your way- I hope that you will all recover soon. Take care and enjoy the beauty around you :-)


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