Beach time

I am always so inspired by Kristi and her visits to the beach.
She lives in my city, but I think much closer to the beach than I do.
She is there practically every day!

It takes us about an hour to get to the beach, so it is not a daily occurrence for us, unfortunately.

With Spring really in the air today, we headed for the sand.
What a lovely day.



  1. Thank you for sharing your special moment at the beach. It looks like you all had a wonderful time together playing and exploring. We too have to drive a while to the beach but when we are there everyone has such a relaxing time. Hopefully some sunny weather soon will come our way so we can go visit again. Have a wonderful week.:)

  2. Thanks for posting. It looks absolutely awesome :) love you

  3. i laughed out load when i read your words, "she is there practically everyday!" yes it is true. i find it is one of the only places we are all at peace at the same time, and since it is right down the road we can hear it calling.

    i just read you post "taking off".
    i love this:
    children are not of you.
    They come through you.

    so true.

    ps. it is so nice to see a photo of you. you look stunning.


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