Today is my mom's birthday.

She would have been 55.

The last time we celebrated was five years ago.
I bought her these flowers.


I didn't know that they were her favourites.

Now they are my favourites too.

 I took her to the spa.

I was eight months pregnant with Annie.

We had a wonderful time.

A great way to spend her last birthday.

The funny thing is.

Peonies only come out this time of year.

And I buy a bunch every year at this time.

And it's always my mom's birthday.

Isn't that special?


  1. My dearest Ela

    How sad I am that you have gone
    But I understand that I cannot understand everything
    But I understand that your departure was a catalyst for many good things

    How happy I am that you have raised a daughter
    Who I am proud to call my wife

    How deeply joyful I am that she is strong like you in so many ways
    How glad I am that you taught her as much as you did before you left

    How happy I am that you met Annabella in this physical world
    And how happy I am that you met Xavier in the spiritual world before we got to meet him

    To me, you will always the toughest nut that I have cracked
    The other mom I had
    The naughty lady who always shared a cigarette
    A cup of tea
    A laughter
    With a twinkle in your eye

    Always, with a tinkle in your eye.

    I miss you too!


  2. Beautiful. Thank you, my love. I may need to print what you wrote and put it up somewhere. It is so true and heartfelt.

  3. My mum is still here, and will be 57 next week. Thank you for this (gentle) reminder to appreciate her and to enjoy her and love her and learn from her while she is here. xoxo

    Peonies are my favourite too. I grow them in my garden and add one or two new plants each year as a long for so many peonies that I can bring them into the house freshly cut each day. :)

    Sending peace and love to your heart.


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