Advent 2010 day 0

Tomorrow is the first day of Advent and I am so excited.
I have been reading so many inspiring blogs.
And the most amazing books.
I have always loved this time of year.
And I am having so much fun working on making it all the more meaningful for our family.

I have got the Christmas books out.
Little Santa on the seasonal table.
Christmas carols playing.

Horlicks and home made cookies.
Shapes cut out by Annie.
I am so impressed with her culinary skills!

We are starting a new tradition this year.
Mary's star path.
I got the idea from the lovely book in the picture.

An excerpt to inspire you:

"All journeys unfold through a changing landscape. They are times of expectation, of preparation, and - for a mother - the journey towards birth is no exception. During Advent we recall the path along which Mary journeyed, carrying her Heavenly Child.

A pathway leads Mary towards the stable. As she journeys, the scene changes imperceptibly from Advent into Christmas, until, at last, on Christmas Day, the Child is born...


On the first Sunday of Advent the crib figure of Mother Mary stands on the first star and then moves day by day along the path of stars towards the stable.


The star from which Mary has moved is put up in the "sky" behind the stable...


As the days pass the path becomes shorter, the sky becomes bright with stars, and the scenery around the star path grows more beautiful. In the first week, stones, pretty pebbles and crystals of various sizes are placed around the stable and path. During the second week plants are added, moss appears around the stones, flowering branches surround Mary on her way. Animals appear in the third week, maybe some little shells. Finally, on the fourth Sunday of Advent, Joseph stands in the stable to welcome Mary.


When Christmas arrives, earth and sky are filled with beauty and are ready to receive the Child when He appears."

I hope that you and your family are able to block out all the commercial insincerity out there.

 Take this time to prepare.
Honour each other.
Build family traditions.
Give to others.
Find the light within.

And have a peaceful time.

Blessings to you.


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