Advent 2010 day 15

My brother has arrived.
Not much time for blogging.
I have hardly been on the computer.
Birthday celebration
 It has all been quite action packed.
Annie brought her uncle for show and tell.
She then walked around the sun five times to celebrate her birthday at the end of the month.
Christmas carols
Christmas carols at Annie's school. 
A lovely evening.
Children running around.
Carols being sung.

And the next day.
The last day of school.

My last Dru yoga class for the year.
I will miss those.
Luckily it's just for a few weeks.

 We got our Christmas tree.
The house smells beautiful.
Xavier is loving the lights.

Xavier's plane

The hand made heart Annie and I made

Xavier's Christmas ornament from last year. His first Christmas.

Swimming lessons
Second last week of swimming lessons for the year.
I am so proud of how far my Annie has come.

Our home is a bit more chaotic than usual.

There is a lot of laughter.


A very joyful time for us.

Blessings to you.


  1. Amazing times, and like always a beautiful blog!!!

  2. merry christmas to all of you and happy birthday sweet one.


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