Advent 2010 day 17

Yesterday we went on the Road to Bethlehem.

I think this will be a new family tradition.
We walked the path that Mary and Joseph took on the first Christmas.

A moving theatre of sorts.
Highly interactive.
Lots of fun for the children.

And tears in my eyes when we finally saw baby Jesus in the last scene.

The children got to write messages after the walk.
Annie drew one of her and the angel.

And then she drew another one.

And asked me how many more she could do.

And this morning, she asked me if we could go back.

A beautiful experience for the whole family.
A real way of experiencing Christmas.

Without any shopping centre in sight!

And tonight.
My dad arrives...


  1. I think it was even more fun for us older people :D
    It was an awesome day! Thank you Olga!

  2. oh family, yeah! this looks amazing. quinn is a shepherd in the christmas play tomorrow...i can't wait.

  3. This sounds so lovely. I can feel the beauty of your experience through your photos. And Annie's desire to return, precious. xo


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