Advent 2010 day 8

Things have been quite busy around here.

We have been learning all about St Nicholas this week.
St Nicholas day is celebrated all over Europe and it was part of my childhood.
I don't remember much of it, but I have asked my lovely aunt in Poland for help.
St Nicholas day is on the 6th of December.
This is the day that he visits all the children and leaves them presents.

We still get presents on Christmas Eve, but those are delivered by the angels, my aunt tells me.

We have been reading a story about St Nicholas every day.
I have found it quite interesting, because I am learning all about him, alomg with Annie.

Annie and Xavier have placed their shoes outside their door.
Along with some carrots for St Nicholas's horse.

I have told Annie that I hope he comes tonight...

Mary is walking along steadily.
Our path is becoming more and more beautiful every day.
Annie is always so thrilled with a new discovery on Mary's path every day.

I don't know who is placing all these things there...

We have cleared out our study today.
It needs room for a few beds.

My brother is coming from South Africa on Wednesday.
My dad is coming the following week.

What a beautiful time.

I hope that you are enjoying the build up to your family's Christmas celebration.

I know that I am.

Blessings to you.


  1. I'm enjoying reading about your special family traditions Ola:) Annie sounds like she is at a beautiful age to enjoy the magic of this time. Have a wonderful time with your brother coming to visit on Wednesday, you must be so excited. Enjoy. xo

  2. It is a magical time isn't it? I wish I was still a kid but by experiencing it through their eyes, I have the next best thing.

    Thank you for taking time to create these memories for our kids.

  3. I am so pleased your brother and dad are coming to visit you. I hope you have a wonderful time and make many happy memories!


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