Christmas 2010

Our Polish Christmas is done.
It was a huge success.
It was overwhelming to have us all together, celebrating this time together.
My mom would have loved to be here with us.
I think she is proud.

I would wish you a Merry Christmas, but Monica says it much better than me:

I hope for you all who celebrate christmas, a day filled with no stress, laughter, compassion, forgiveness, good food, new memories, and love. And for everyone else, I hope these holidays see you safe and finding relaxation and tons of fun.


  1. It wonderful to know that you had such a magical and so very special day with your family Ola, your photos capture your day beautifully. May you enjoy the rest of your holidays and I look forward to catching up with you in the new year, it's been lovely to have met you. xo

  2. wow!!!!you have your xmas photos up already!! now that's blogging dedication. lol

    sounds and looks like a wonderful time together.

    have a wonderful post-xmas time too. :)

  3. Your day certainly did look magical, I especially love the look of joy on your son's face. I hope that cheer stays with you all x

  4. One of the best Christmas celebrations
    It was really powerful and i really felt mom was with us and very proud of us


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