Party time

Annie had her birthday party today.
A great success.
Paper flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Home made birthday cake.
Home made cup cakes.

Lots of little princesses running around.

 Musical crowns instead of musical chairs.

A lot of hard work that we would have never been able to pull off if it was just me and Sohail.

My dad and brother were amazing.
They worked all day to get the house ready and cleaned up while we tried to put the children to bed.

Annie and Xavier were both on such a high.

Xavier fell asleep whilst singing "Happy birthday to Annie".

Annie went to sleep in a cocoon of happiness.

Her special day was indeed special for her.

I love you my little princess.
Your inner beauty shines through and inspires us all to be more kind, loving and joyful.

I hope that five is a magical year for you.


  1. Oh it all looks absolutely wonderful and what lucky little girl getting one of Jenny's dolls! You have all done a great job.

  2. oh i adore that cake. happy day little one.

  3. i missed so much here- it looks so very beautiful. i can tell you have a happy home.

    take care ola and happy new year


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