We had a quick holiday by the sea.
An hour and a half of driving.
And we arrived in a little bit of paradise.

After half a day we said that we had already relaxed so much that we would have been happy to go home.

We stayed in the coolest art deco home.
A place that I would have been happy to call my own home.

A new book to enjoy.

French brie.

For the younger ones, some playing in the sand.

And for the others.
The sound of the sea lapping at our feet.
And the best aromatherapy anyone could ask for.
The smell of the ocean.



  1. It really was a beautiful little holiday - can't believe how much we managed to relax and unwind in just two days! :)

    We will definitely do this again.

  2. Ola, what a wonderful, relaxing vacation to take with your family at the holidays! Thank you for sharing!


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