Some French inspiration

Well, we have been quite busy around here since my family went back to South Africa.

I have had a huge de cluttering bug for the past year.
I believe that you need to make space in your life for new experiences.

I have been trying to only bring things into my home that are beautiful.

And move everything out that no longer serves me.

Sohail got this amazing book for Christmas.
All about baking bread.

If you want to learn all about baking the perfect loaf of bread, this is the book to read.

So he has been whipping up French baguettes and ciabattas.

I have been inspired to find a French cake baking book in line with my intention to learn to bake an amazing French cake.

It turns out that these are quite hard to find.

But, the universe has great plans for me, since I stumbled upon this amazing book.

A book about French food.

Food inspired by the French markets.
It is visually intoxicating.

And we have been cooking some amazing things from the book.

I have been visualising myself, wondering the markets in Provence, picking up the freshest, most seasonal produce.
Dishing up a symphony of flavours, colours, textures on the plate, for my family to enjoy.

Today I made Tarte Aux Cerises.
Not a cake, yet.

But absolutely divine.

Little morsels of pastry, cream and seasonal cherries.

We are having so much fun in the kitchen.

Sohail is on leave for one more week.
It's so good having him home.


  1. Ola, it's almost too pretty to eat! Almost. :o)

  2. Oh my that looks just perfect, you clever lady. xo


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