Some tank filling

After four months of owning my sewing machine, I have finally pulled it out.
I am sewing.

It is Xavier's birthday next weekend and I am making a birthday banner, which will be used for our whole family for future birthdays.

It is so rewarding.
It is filling my tank.

We have been learning about filling up our tanks on the yoga workshops I have been going to.
If you think of a tank that is filled up with water during the rainy season, you can imagine that it would stay full all the time.
But, in times of drought, we need to take a tap and fill up that tank, otherwise it will dry up.

We are the same.

We need to fill ourselves up, otherwise we become depleted.

I have been consciously working on ways of filling my tank:

proper posture
saying no to things that leak my tank
being around people who fill my tank
staying away from people who leak my tank
appreciating the beauty in flowers
hugging trees and letting their majesty fill me up

And now:


I hope that you are doing something to fill your tank.

Blessings to you.


  1. Yeah i'm feeling a bit empty, so some tank filling is needed, Thanks Ola!


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