Creating my ashram

I have always believed that it is important to make your home beautiful and welcoming and for it to be a place where it's inhabitants feel safe.
I love beautiful things.
I constantly work on creating beauty in my life.

 Recently, Katie led me to a place where I was told that I could convert my home into an ashram.

I am always wishing to go to an ashram.
To get away from my daily stresses and messes and constant responsibilities.
To go somewhere where I can be with God and do yoga and chant and sit in silence.

"An ashram is a place where people devote all their time and energy to the remembrance of God, doing selfless service and developing qualities like love, patience and respect for others. They do spiritual practices to help them see unity in diversity. Family life can also be like this. It was like this before, in the olden days."

My children bring me closer to God every day.
Every time they push my buttons, they challenge me to practice patience and acceptance.
They remind me that we are connected and their issue is my issue, for we only mirror what is within us by the people around us.
I do selfless service to my family every day.
And that teaches me presence and humility.
The many moments of delight and joy I share with my children are my payment for all the hard work I put into mothering them.
And mothering myself.
The connection I have with my husband - my soul mate - over a cup of Chinese tea is made in our beautiful home.
We sit in our little adults only corner and talk for hours and hours.
About life.
And everything else.
And we sit in each other's love in our little ashram.

He always teases me about my supposed hippie ways.
It's quite sweet, really.

He told me that one day, he will come to his wooden home in the tree tops and take his shoes off by the door.
Be greeted by the children, saying "Namaste".
And put on his orange robe.
He will go outside and see people doing a yoga class outside.
And he will yell "Namaste! Om shanti!"
And they will roll their eyes and say,
"Oh, it's that buffoon again."

I thought this was really funny.
And at the same time, I thought that this was all very appealing and probably how we will end up.

I am already creating my ashram, right now.
I create beauty and ritual at home.
I set the table every night for dinner.
Place mats, white napkins and our best china.
I light a candle.
We do a family blessing.
Gratitude for our food.
Xavier sings happy birthday and blows out the candle.
And runs off because sitting at the table is a bit boring for a two year old boy.
And that is ok.
Because I am creating the beauty at home.
And he will slot in as he is ready.

Allowing beauty to lead me to order.

In my ashram.
My place of spiritual connection with my family.
Because that is God.

Not sitting on a mountain, chanting.

But, here, now.
God is within all of us.
If we just do the work.
And open our eyes to the beauty around us.

And create the beauty.

It is so worth it.

Blessings to you.


  1. I dig it, what you want to see you need to create and i think that you're doing that

  2. Beautiful Ola, what a precious gift for your sweet family. I laughed when I heard what your husband said he would say - hilarious!

    Ashram means place of work and especially in an ashram we cannot escape responsibility, stresses, the stuff in our head - but there we are supported. I have been my most happiest living in ashrams and I recommend that you go! Rocklyn Satyananda Ashram is pure bliss divine. Get thee to an ashram!!!
    You are right to create an ashram in your home. It is like creating an attitude. There is a quote from the Bible, Isaiah 'Get your house in order'.

    I wish you eternal peace, love and joy. You are very in-spirational. Thank you. Love Katie xxx

    "There is no noise in the world. There is no peace in the Himalayas. Both are within you".
    ~ Paramahamsa Satyananda ~

  3. whenever i come and visit you in this space i leave wanting to do better. x.

  4. Ola you are such a thoughtful and beautiful person. Your posts are so peaceful and always give me perspective and words for my thoughts. Thank you for sharing. xo

  5. I really like the idea of this Ola ... thank you for making me think about making my own little ashram at my home.


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