My first sewing project and some more reflections

Thank you for all the amazing comments in my previous post.

I am always amazed at how people respond when I write from my heart.
I don't often write such things because I feel that so many other people have things to teach on the internet.

But I am realising that I do actually have quite a bit to say.
So I will say it.
Because maybe someone can learn something from my experience.

And, one day, when my children read about my life when they were little, they will not be disillusioned that their mother's life was all sunshine and roses every day.
That would give them a false sense of reality.

We are all human beings travelling on our journey.
And, boy am I on a journey!

Just a few insights from that post:

I need to get myself better organised.
That means meal planning and cooking for freezing. That will free up a lot of my time.
I need to ask for help in a kind and loving way - something that I am still learning to do.
I need to get Annie to take more responsibility for herself. I am doing her no favours by meeting her every need - she is growing and needs to learn to be a strong independent woman one day. That means packing her own school bag when she is five years old!

I need to get some space.
Time to breathe.

Xavier is turning two on Sunday and he is growing up.
It is time for us to take one little step away from each other.

I need to make a plan to get someone to look after him for a few hours a week.
At the moment, all I get is my Saturday morning yoga, I need more.

Happy mama = happy family.

So here it is.
My first sewing project.
A birthday banner inspired by Soule Mama.

I made it from an old bed sheet that had ripped.
There was a top that Annie used to wear that I really loved. So I cut out the letters for the banner from it.
Now, it will be used for all our birthdays.
I am really proud of what I achieved.

I now want to sew new cushions for our lounge.
But first, I am going to try and knit hats for the children.
And I don't really know how to knit.

I look forward to the experience.

Blessings to you.


  1. oh, i would like to create a birthday banner with my girl for her next birthday, i hope i don't forget. it's such a great idea really.


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